If you manage multiple companies and budgets or need better insight into your numbers for strategic planning, then Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2015 is for you. It includes advanced features such as filtering on financial statements, progress billing, serialized inventory, employee compensation tracking, and much more. With Sage 50 Premium Accounting, you will:

  • Gain control over inventory, job costs, and estimates and invoicing
  • Know where your business stands with customized views of your most important business metrics
  • Become more efficient and productive while managing your strategic growth
  • Control budgets and departments
  • Get insight with custom reporting
  • Meet inventory and project needs
  • Consolidate financials
  • Get screen-level security with multi-user options

Plus, we wrap Sage 50 Premium Accounting with Sage Business Care Silver, an auto-renewing service plan that provides unlimited access to support, automatically delivered upgrades, online training, and more.

Here's What Sage 50 Premium Accounting Offers

Accounting tools to get the job done

Sage 50 Premium Accounting is easy-to-use and comes with screen-level security and automatic accounting checks that give you confidence in the integrity of your information. Plus, it's installed on computers that you control locally.

  • Exclusive Premium Feature: Compare multiple budgets across four years
  • Invoice customers by mail or email
  • Automate purchase orders
  • Pay bills electronically or print paper checks
  • Focus on key business metrics with at-a-glance dashboards

Powerful inventory management

With Sage 50, you can quickly close a deal because you know what you have on hand. Or save money because you don't over order. If the inventory is part of your business, you can count on Sage 50 to have your back.

  • Track inventory on user-defined attributes (color, size, style)
  • Reserve inventory requested on purchase orders and sales orders
  • Automatically replenish inventory at user-defined levels
  • Use serialized inventory to track warranty claims and recalls

Greater insight for strategic planning

Get the vital information you need to stay in control and plan ahead. Sage 50 Business Intelligence5 is integrated with Sage 50 and lets you generate customized reports in the tool you already use - Microsoft® Excel®.

  • Built-in templates for sales, purchasing, inventory and financial reporting
  • Consolidate information from multiple Sage 50 companies or other databases
  • Reports are always up-to-date with the latest data – no export or manipulation required

An easier, more productive business life

Sage 50 helps you address your most common and pressing business challenges, such as managing cash flow, streamlining invoicing and billing, and keeping track of inventory. Plus, it's easy to expand Sage 50 functionality with Sage Connected Services. Whether you want to accept mobile payments, process payroll, pay bills electronically, or expand your marketing capabilities, Sage has a solution for you.

Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2015 Features

Accounting tools to get the job done

Sage 50 Complete Accounting is easy-to-use and comes with screen-level security and automatic accounting checks that give you confidence in the integrity of your information. Plus, it's installed on computers that you control locally.

  • Invoice customers by mail or email
  • Monitor cash flow to meet current and upcoming obligations
  • Pay bills online
  • Powerful inventory and job management

Maintain accountability with audit trail reporting

  • Manage depreciation for up to 200 fixed assets
  • Manage information on up to 200 fixed assets with Sage 50 Fixed Asssets2. Calculate and post periodic depreciation entries for each asset, choose from a complement of operational and tax-oriented reports and worksheets, and streamline fixed asset tax reporting.

Control job revenue and expense at the phase and cost code level

Get greater insight and control on all your jobs or projects throughout each stage by tracking them to the phase and cost code level. Know what you are spending, how long it is taking, and estimate profits at each step along the way.

Business Status Center

  • A high-level view of your key business metrics
  • Customize and sort the data to suit your needs
  • Graph data, print it, create a PDF, or email it

Vendor Management Center

  • View current orders
  • Look up vendors by any contact information

Customer Management Center

  • Access customer information, invoices, receipts, time tickets, and more
  • Rank customers by the gross profit

Inventory and Services Management Center

  • Plan purchases
  • Expand service offerings
  • Customize and sort item and service data to suit your needs

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