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This version of QuickBooks is designed for Mac users who want to run this software on the Apple platform. Packed with features that can help you keep track of important dates with i-Calendar integration and you can import Address book. Contacts into QuickBooks to maintain up-to-date contact information. The User interface is genuinely built for the Mac Experience.

Easy to set-up, easy to learn and use: User interface and pages are designed for a smooth workflow. We can provide Quickbooks Demo for you to start working and Quickbooks tutorials for you to refer to in future.

Organize all your finances and keep a track of your sales and expenses: Find all the transactions and relevant data in an orderly manner by recording them in a systematic manner. Helps you to track all you past billings, invoices and so on.

Make better decisions in your business: with the help of Company snapshots, you can get ahead of your business game by analyzing the data from previous records and make better choices in the future.

Get Customized forms: you can cast a positive image to your clients and customers by using customized invoices, estimates and other forms with your company logos, colors, fonts, and design.

As Quickbook provider in UAE, we have the best support team to cater to all your doubts, queries and requests concerning various issues faced by you regarding Quickbooks.

QuickBooks Mac FAQ's

QuickBooks Mac is a locally-installed program, although internet is required for certain functions (like payroll, downloading the software, and product updates). QuickBooks Mac has also added a brand new feature where you can share data between computers using iCloud

  • Step 1. Go to QuickBooks Product Updates
  • Step 2. Click [Change] to select your QuickBooks Desktop version.
  • Step 3. Click the Download button to download the installer file to your computer.
  • Step 4. Double-click the downloaded .dmg file.
  • Step 5. Drag the QuickBooks Desktop icon to the Applications folder to install.

QuickBooks Enterprise is a Windows program. There is no QuickBooks Enterprise for the Mac. To run it on a Mac you will need to purchase Windows, with either Bootcamp, or Parallels or Fusionware. Those programs allow you to run Windows on your Mac

Quickbooks Enterprise is used only on the Windows platform, hence, Quickbooks Enterprise will not run on Mac or apple devices. You can opt to use Quickbooks online edition or use custom apps that enable you to run Windows software on MAC platform.

QuickBooks for Mac 2013 is available for Mac computers running OS X version 10.7 or 10.8. This version of QuickBooks is roughly equivalent to QuickBooks Pro for PCs. It is the entry-level product, and does not include enterprise-level features that QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offer.

Launch QuickBooks for Mac. Click the "QuickBooks" tab in the main menu bar, and then select "Preferences" followed by "Backup" to open the Backup preferences dialog window.

You can't install the Windows version on the Mac. Convert the file by clicking the "File" menu, selecting "Utilities" and choosing the "Copy Company File for QuickBooks for Mac." Email or transfer the file to your Mac computer and then open the file using QuickBooks for Mac.

QuickBooks for Mac does not have a built-in payroll service like the Windows version.

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