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Companies and Businesses run on Money, Materials, Machines, and Men. Each of these plays a definite part in the progress of the company. The first three factors can be operated and manipulated with the help of software and computers. But it is required to handle people with a human touch. To assist the HR team to work efficiently and systematically, we provide Human Resource Management System (HRMS Software). It is an HR and Payroll solution to manage your employees.

HR system should have the following aspects:

  • Industrial Relation
  • The welfare of each employee
  • Personnel information
  • Effective utilization of all the employees
  • Payroll
  • Internal Cash flow tracking
  • Talent management and upgrading

With the help of this HRMS software, you can add all the information about your employees, track how many vacations and Sick leaves they have taken, time schedules, talents they have and much more.

Simple and clean User Interface allows you to see all the major details on the Dashboard. Get a quick glance at all the main details and statistics in the form of graphs and charts.

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Payroll Management:

  • Automatic Gratuity calculation.
  • Automatic EOSB calculation.
  • Overtime calculation.
  • WPS Ready.
  • Loan Management.
  • Payment and Deduction.
  • Salary Disbursements.

Human Resource Management:

  • Promotion and Increments.
  • Employee Asset Management.
  • Annual leave calculation.
  • End of Service.
  • Bonus and Benefits calculation.
  • Employee Document Management.

Time Management:

  • Integration with Bio-metric device.
  • Manual Attendance.

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