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Customer Relationship Management i.e CRM software is an important management software that plays a vital role in developing strong connections between the company and its customer. This ensures that the customers will find the company trustworthy and never go to the other competitors in the market for their products or services. This will also help you build better brand recognition among the competitors and help you out to keep a track of all your customers along with their purchases, queries, issues faced and their specific needs from the company.

As your company starts to grow, it becomes more complex and difficult to keep track of all your customers’ needs and queries, the products that they are interested in and the products that they have purchased from you. Initially, personal memory and data sheets or charts are used to keep track of the customers, but as the business grows, your customer base widens and these techniques prove to be ineffective. Hence, we present to you CRM system that will enable you to keep an organized record of all your customers, access their main details like company name, position, previous orders and issues faced in the past. CRM software also notifies you of maintenance cycle that needs to be done, reminds you to call them occasionally, Dues and payments you need to receive from them and many other features. Started a new business, you can try CRM software for small business and it will help you increase our revenue by a big factor.

This CRM software is made to be used widely by the sales representatives and receptionist of your company. The Clean interface will provide all the essential data in form of graphs and charts. You can also quickly access the data of any previous customer and their details or Enter the details of your new potential customer effortlessly.


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The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Dashboard is the screen that welcomes you after Login. This dashboard is easy to understand and contains all the required details of the day, sales generated and the performance of each salesperson. The dashboard is created on a simple User Interface design for faster navigations and better utilization.

Dashboard contains

  • Overview widgets
  • Sales Graphs
  • Leads generation
  • Follow-Ups Reminder



Accessible only by the admin, this page is used to modify all the vital data and the characteristics of the company. This also helps the admin to activate and de-activate the sales profiles and the salespersons for security purposes. The contact details and the company details that are controlled from this panel. The admin has the entire control of the software from this and can help in controlling the sales operations on the business organization.



The leads generated by the sales executives need to be updated in this section. The leads need to be handled carefully for better business and growth of the company. None of the enquires or interested customers need to be ignored with the help of the CRM. The software will remind you to call your leads regularly and then the workflow will become standardized and faster. All the information of the leads are stored in separate databases of each salesperson and the privacy is maintained to create better competitions among the sales team.



You can escalate the leads that are generated by the marketing team and promote it to the opportunity stage. In this stage, you can filter out the potential customers and the deals that they want. You can also assign salespeople according to their specialty and the field of expertise. The Sales team can thus deal directly with the customers and send the quotations about the products to them.

CRM for Small business and CRM for medium scale business, this software is designed for organizations of all types. This will help you to scale up your business efficiently and at a faster rate.



This CRM is equipped with an automated proposal and Quotation generator that will create professional proposals with your business logo and description. Also, the proposal generated will contain all the price, discounts, all the terms and conditions, agreement and all the required columns needed in a proposal. The Proposal generated will be available in the pdf format which you can attach and send via email or take a printout from the printer directly.

We can make the invoice and report templates that can be tailored to your company needs with the company logo, colors, and the trademark signatures.



Customers need to have a prompt response from its dealers to make better deals and finalize it. This CRM will help you keep track of all your customers and call them up regularly while you take notes of all their requirements and conditions. With the help of this follow-ups, you can take notes from each interaction and set reminders accordingly.



Reports are needed to understand the growth and functioning of the business. Graphical reports help to get all the relevant data in a single glance, hence we have made specialized reports for all activities conducted in your organization. According to the User Role and the accessibility given by the Admin, the Marketing coordinator and managers can view the reports and performance of each sales executive and evaluate how they were capable to handle and convert each lead to an opportunity that leads to a final sale. You can get a quick overview of all customers and the products that they have purchased from you.

Get reports on:

  • Inquiry Report
  • Performance of each salesman
  • Login Hours of each user. (Only Admin can view this)
  • User Activities
  • Closed Details


Employee Management

With the help of this Add-On, you can track all expenditures done by your employees and record their working time. With the help of this feature, you can keep a record of all the additional expenses done on every employee individually starting from travel expenses, lodging expenses, miscellaneous allowances that should be given to them for official purposes. The software will generate a report on your request on all the past expenses done by the employee throughout the entire year.

This includes:

  • Employee Expense Management.
  • Employee Tracking

CRM Software FAQ's

Customer Relationship Management system is a software that helps you to maintain better relations with your customers and clients, thus enabling you to grow your customer base even faster and also manage your sales executives in an organized manner.

CRM should be able to maximize the sales of the company and increase good co-ordination between the sales executives and support team to ensure that the clients receive the best service and prompt response.

Once you begin to use the CRM, you will have the power to define the sales workflow for the sales executives and organize them to maximize the deal closure rate. You will find it easy to convert your leads to customers and at the same time ensure that your current customer base is happy with your services.

  • Step 1. Ask for a free trial to see if the CRM suits your business model
  • Step 2. Check out its customization options along with other Addins
  • Step 3. Decide on the Online or Offline version
  • Step 4. User Experience and Ease of Usage
  • Step 5. Sales Executive friendly
  • Step 6. Mobile Version and Desktop version available
  • Step 7. Data security and user accessibility feature

Customer Relationship Management software is an application used by smart companies and business organization to make the sales process faster and efficiently convert more leads to deals. Here are a few benefits.

  • Step 1. Better Leads to customer Conversion
  • Step 2. Customer Segmentation
  • Step 3. Shorter and faster Sales cycle
  • Step 4. Customer Communication
  • Step 5. Team Collaboration
  • Step 6. Customer data and information protection
  • Step 7. Task Management

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