Designed for workgroups and teams of over 10 people who need additional scale, security, and collaboration through centrally administered databases. With all the same features and value of Act! Pro, this offering drives productivity in the field with new mobile and hosting enhancements. Premium is designed for added peace of mind knowing your system and data are healthy via proactive system notifications.

Get it together
More time, better relationships, higher success. Act! keeps all your prospect and customer details in one organized place – at the office and on popular mobile devices.

Marketing = Selling
Take the guesswork out of marketing and convert more sales. Integrated marketing services guide you to reach the right customers with the right message.

Still the one
The #1 best-selling Contact & Customer Manager for over 25 years, Act! is the trusted choice for individuals, small businesses, and teams to drive results and create customers for life.

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Sage ACT! makes it easy for you to manage anything and everything related to your contacts and calendar. Think of it like your business' command center that serves up relevant relationship details and also connects to powerful, subscription-based sales and marketing services, desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media to help you get results.

Know every detail about your contacts and customers.

It's important for any business owner or salesperson to be organized, but being organized doesn't mean anything if the customer info you keep isn't actionable. Sage ACT! not only keeps all the details of your business relationships in a single, orderly view; it also makes it easy for you to drill into the specifics whenever you need to.

  • Keep customer contact info, plus associated notes, history, activities, documents, opportunities, social media profiles, and more in one organized place.
  • View back-office updates when you use Sage ACT! with compatible Sage accounting solutions.
  • Access your contacts and calendar details from virtually anywhere with Sage ACT! Connect.

Make the most of your workday.

With Sage ACT!, you can approach the things you need to get done in an organized, prioritized manner. Keep everything from impromptu notes to personal tasks in a virtual notepad. Schedule and associate certain activities to your contacts. Take it to the next level when you set up Smart Tasks to automatically trigger and perform tasks for you, like send emails or schedule follow-up activities, so your customers get the excellent service they expect, with little work required by you.

  • Quickly capture impromptu notes and personal tasks with Sage ACT! Scratchpad, a convenient virtual notepad.
  • Accomplish more when you let Smart Tasks automatically trigger and perform tasks you define.
  • Track scheduled activities and associate them to your contacts for a complete view of happenings with those relationships.

Work seamlessly with the tools you rely on every day.

Finally! You can do it all from just one place. Sage ACT! works with other desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media sites you already rely on. Seamless interaction with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoover's, and more means you can make the most of your existing technology investments and web services.

  • Write an Outlook email from within Sage ACT! and a history is recorded on the associated contact for quick recall.
  • Sync your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar with Outlook and Google, then easily accessible from either application.
  • Leverage popular social media sites within Sage ACT! to see more detail about what your customers are up to now.

Generate buzz for your products and services.
Extend the power of Sage ACT! with Sage E-marketing for ACT!3 to drive interest for your business using professional email communications. Sage E-marketing for ACT! gives you tools to engage in end-to-end e-marketing activities, from initial campaign creation through to results tracking. It's like having a full marketing department at your disposal, only it's easy enough to do yourself.

  • Create, send, and track impactful email marketing campaigns.
  • Capture new leads with easy-to-create web forms, then transfer them into Sage ACT!
  • Gauge your campaign success with a ranked, qualified list of most interesting prospects.

Turn new opportunities into paying customers.

When you add Sage Business Info Services for ACT!3, you always have highly-targeted leads5 in your pipeline. You get access to a large pool of leads from Hoover's™ that you segment based upon your specific criteria, and then import6 them directly into Sage ACT!. Work those leads through in-product or custom sales processes and watch as they turn into qualified prospects and eventually, profitable business relationships.

Segment new leads from the Hoover's database by location, size, industry, and more.
See graphical representations of performance with 40+ actionable dashboards.
Manage sales opportunities by tracking your products and services, associated activities, probability of close, and more.

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