Set Personal Finance Goals & Save More Money

Track spending & pay bills with Quicken Cash Manager – the easy, accurate home budget software that helps you manage your day-to-day finances. Cash Manager is full of handy and helpful features:
Redesigned budgeting tool makes it easier to set goals and get in control of your finances.
NEW! Windows 8 supported
NEW! More flexibility in the way you view and use your hidden accounts. Indicate closed accounts, and Quicken will hide the account, set the balance to zero and stop all transaction downloads.
NEW! Now includes a search feature that helps find transactions in the currently open register.

See how much money you have after bills are paid.

The Cash Flow Graph shows how much you money you'll have after paying upcoming bills and income. This home budget software categorizes your expenses, so you can see where you are spending, and where you could save.

Customizable Register Display.

The Customizable Register allows you to display all your financial information the way YOU want to see it.

Who Knew Budget Software Could Make It So Effortless to Manage Your Cash?
Never miss a bill or pay late fees/penalties again! Quicken allows you to set reminders when bills are due on an easy to read calendar.
With Quicken Cash Manager, you can control everyday spending and save for what you want most. Plus:
Balance your chequebook

Download your bank transactions directly into Quicken
Create Over 40 Finance & Budgeting Reports. Select a report, and Quicken automatically fills your data - giving you instant access to a complete picture of the health of your home finances. See where you are spending your money and how it impacts your net worth Learn where you can decrease your spending to reduce your debt Visualize your income, expenses and net worth as charts or graphs


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